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24 Karat Body & Bath Essentials offers a variety of natural handcrafted body and bath products. Our products are freshly made to order and contain premium ingredients that have been carefully screened to relax, rejuvenate as well as nourish the skin beyond expectation. This exclusive collection is designed to not only save you time and money but to create your luxurious and refined home spa experience. We’re committed to providing you with quality products, luxurious feel, and unmatched value.

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24 Karat was an excellent choice for bath essentials for my boyfriend and myself. We both particularly loved the Citrus and Sunday Morning shower bombs, and I cannot wait to order the new body scrubs. The therapeutic aroma from the bombs were a definite stress and emotional lift in spirits. I couldn't have found anything better than this. Thank you so much!!

Louis S.

I've used these products and I'm supporting and recommending them.

Rhonda L.

The body scrub was great. It smelled really good and had my skin nice and soft. I will definitely be buying more! My grandmother smelled it and fell in love with it. I'll be buying some for her too!

Daja H.

Thank you so much for the gift box. Great timing, and love all the products. My favorite is the body scrub and bath bomb. Skin is softer and the smell is good.

Rashad L.

BEST SCRUB!!! Breathe easy to go on with your day. So this product is the best for feeling great after having a long day or just wanna feel refresh in the morning. After using breathe easy which reminds me of a mint, I felt so awoke and alert to get on with my day. I was sketchy using this on my face, but since I had bad acne at the time, I told myself let me give it a try. And within 2-3 days of use, I noticed a difference in my pores and my dark spots. This right here, is good investment to have with you for your cosmetics. This is WAY BETTER than LUSH products. Good amount with a good price. 

Aliya N.

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