Our Story

We are a small, but motivated company offering a variety of natural handcrafted body and bath products. Our products are freshly made to order and contain premium ingredients that have been carefully screened to relax, rejuvenate as well as nourish the skin beyond expectation. This exclusive collection is designed to not only save you time and money but to focus on self-care by creating your luxurious and refined home spa experience. We’re committed to providing you with quality products, luxurious feel, and unmatched value.

Founded in January 2017 by Nathaniel S. Knight, 24 Karat Body & Bath Essentials has come a long way from its beginnings in Prince George's County, MD. From an early age, Nathaniel has always had the vision along with the desire to start his own multifaced company. He knew that to achieve his goal, it would require some of his personal morals and beliefs; which he refers to as Core Values as they would create the foundation of his vision. All that was needed was service or product. 

While walking through a store, Nathaniel noticed a Bath Bomb Kit for sale. Upon looking at the price, size, and number of bath bombs the kit made, he figured he could buy the ingredients separately and make the bath bombs for less than the kit being sold. He did just that and was able to obtain value by making more and larger bath bombs for less than the original kit he saw. Excited about the results, Nathaniel found his product and debuted 24 Karat Body & Bath Essentials on social media in February 2017 and the online store in May 2017. 

Creating one product has led to the creation of additional products with more to come. It is because of that, 24 Karat Body & Bath Essentials is offered throughout the United States. We hope you enjoy our products as much as we enjoy offering them to you. If you have any questions or comments, please don't hesitate to contact us